Farm Crest Eggs

Farm Crest Foods's mission is to provide our customers with a natural, fresh and nutritious product, and to remain dedicated to bringing our customers the quality eggs that they deserve.


Our eggs come from quality chickens, well cared for in an excellent, safe and healthy environment. To produce the most exceptional eggs for our customers, the chickens are fed locally grown grain processed in the mill of our parent company, Active Feed Company.


Farm Crest eggs comes straight from our farm to you. The eggs are produced, cleaned and checked for cracks by our modern machinery. Then they are handled, packaged and loaded by our team of skilled professionals in to ensure freshness. 


Here at Farm Crest Foods, we believe egg safety is our highest priority. We are Safe Quality Food certified by third-party contractors in order to maintain quality assurance.


Eggs have remarkable nutritional value as they provide the perfect amount of protein, vitamins and minerals to consumers. Farm Crest is a member of the American Egg Board, which offers our customers information about these wonderful marvels of nature. Click here to learn more!